Misson Statement

Patricia F Robinson Music studio 

Founder Of The Music School

Mrs. L. Elsie Graham

​​​    Our misson is to provide a wholesome and sound environment for the pursuit of excellence in the visual and performing arts.

     Our goal is to bring programs to the community that will be economical for all those who wish to pursue any course of study offered by the academy.

    The overall mission is to raise funds to support programs that presently exist and those, which will be developed in the future. 

Our ultimate mission is to lift up the community through the services and program we offer through the arts.

Where Every Student Is A Performer 

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About Patricia F. Robinson


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     Patricia F. Robinson originally began teaching with her mother L. Elsie Graham who founded the Stuyvesant School of Music in 1930, Mrs Robinson began teaching as a young girl, teaching after school and on Saturdays. Her teaching ability was noted from the very beginning.
      Her students developed and achieved numerous awards, scholarships, competitions (including the famous International Apollo Kids Competition) and have been accepted in the most prestigious colleges such as Julliard, conservatories and many universities as well as movies and television commercials.
     Students still continue to achieve through the successes of the highly skilled staff. All of the teachers have many years of experience in their area of expertise. The love and personal attention that Mrs. L. Elsie Graham was known for still lives on for four generation of musicians.
     Mrs. Robinson is a past President of the Muteor, the Brooklyn Branch of the National Association of Negro Musician.